PROPEL Introduces New Vehicles and Machineries

Projek Penyelenggaraan Lebuhraya Berhad (PROPEL) held its New Vehicle Distribution Ceremony on 13 March where the company introduces new vehicles and machineries for its Traffic & Safety Maintenance Unit and Pavement Unit.

PROPEL’s Managing Director, Ir. Wan Azman Wan Salleh and the senior management of PROPEL attended the ceremony that was held at Logistic Machinery Depot in Dengkil, Selangor.

The company purchased 32 units of Propel Intervention Team (PIT) Truck, 32 units of Mitsubishi Triton, four units of Road Sweeper and two units of Paver, Roller and Oscillation Tandem Roller with an objective to upgrade and improve its Traffic Management services.

The new vehicles have been fitted with new safety features such as arrow indicator, rear camera (audio and video), beacon light, directional light, LED hazard light and reverse video camera.  This initiative is intended to increase the safety standards, efficiency and productivity for the benefit of PROPEL’s staff and public at large.

The new Paver, Roller and Oscillation Tandem Roller, will replace the old units and offer new technology in pavement work. The new paver comes with auto censor and multiplex to reduce undulation while laying the pavement while new oscillation roller offer better compaction result than the old compactor.  Ultimately, this will give a better pavement finishes. This initiative will allow PROPEL to Deliver better results and increase productivity in its service thus maximizing better profitability.

PROPEL aspire to aggressively improve the safety, productivity, efficiency and service level to ensure competitiveness and achieve its vision as the number ‘1’ infrastructure Maintenance Specialist.