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KUALA LUMPUR, 26 February 2019 – UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”) today announced its financial results for the financial year ended 31 December 2018 (“FY2018”) where total revenue recorded for the year increased to RM2,044.0 million compared to RM1,860.6 million reported for the financial year ended 31 December 2017 (“FY2017”) driven by the recognition of ongoing local developments, completion and partial settlement of Conservatory and Aurora Melbourne Central and non-strategic asset divestment. Profit after tax and noncontrolling interests for the year increased to RM280.3 million, an increase of approximately 166% compared to RM105.6 million for FY2017 on the back of strong revenue growth, development cost
savings and contribution from non-strategic asset divestment.

Property development activities accounted for 70% of total revenue, an improvement of 14% compared to FY2017 with 46% contributed from international projects followed by 30% from the southern region and 24% central. The largest contributor was Conservatory followed by Aurora Melbourne Central, both in Melbourne and Almas in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Puteri. In line with the Company’s land portfolio rebalancing strategy, UEM Sunrise has also recognised land disposal amounted to RM457.4 million. Its unbilled sales as at 31 December 2018 stood at RM4.4 billion.

Property development sales for the year was RM1,433.0 million, higher by 19% than its RM1.2 billion sales target. Slightly more than half of the sales was contributed from the central region mainly from its developments in Mont’Kiara led by Residensi Solaris Parq, Kondominium Kiara Kasih and the recently launched Residensi Astrea. 32% of the total property sales was from the southern region headed by Serimbun, Estuari Gardens in Puteri Harbour and the Company’s first commercial development launched in December last year, 68O Avenue, all located in Iskandar Puteri. The remaining 14% was from projects in Melbourne, particularly Mayfair. UEM Sunrise launched projects with total Gross Development Value (“GDV”) of RM907.9 million in 2018.

Commenting on the financial results, Anwar Syahrin Abdul Ajib, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Sunrise said, “2018 saw the completion of several major projects especially in the second half of the year contributing to a stronger revenue compared to last year. We delivered the fully-sold Acacia and Begonia, the first two phases of our prized mid-market residential development in Serene Heights Bangi followed by premium landed Estuari Gardens and high-rise Almas both in Puteri Harbour. In January this year, we completed and delivered Denai Nusantara, a Rumah Mampu Biaya Johor in Iskandar Puteri and plan to deliver Sefina Residences in Mont’Kiara as well as Camellia of Serene Heights Bangi”.

“In Australia, we completed 207 units of the first separable portion of Aurora Melbourne Central, SP3 totaling a GDV of AUD115.1 million as well as 421 units of Conservatory, SP1 and SP2 with total GDV of AUD298.5 million. The handover of the completed units is on track and as at 15 February 2019, we are pleased to reveal that 201 units of Aurora Melbourne Central have been handed over to the respective buyers, a settlement rate of over 97%; while for Conservatory, 289 units have been handed over, reflecting a settlement rate of 68%. We have also obtained the required settlement proceeds to repay the entire project financing loan for Conservatory. The remaining separable portions for both projects will be completed and delivered progressively throughout

Touching on sales contribution, “We have exceeded our sales target amidst the challenging property market environment. We view the outlook to remain challenging but offerings with unique value proposition and within strategic locations in combination with attractive pricing packages, should continue to encourage demand and create sales. We successfully launched five new projects with GDV of RM907.9 million. In Mont’ Kiara, Residensi Astrea, a high-rise residential development comprising 240 units with GDV of RM323.0 million was launched in October achieving a take-up of 52% whilst Kondominium Kiara Kasih, 719 units of affordable homes, with GDV of RM215.7 million launched in March 2018 achieved a take-up of 91%. We also launched Eugenia, Serene Heights
Bangi’s latest phase, GDV of RM62.5 million with take-up of 57% to-date. In addition to the successful launches, the Group’s emphasis on inventory monetisation has proven to be effective with RM433.3 million sales derived from completed properties driven by smart marketing, repricing strategy as well as sundry offers, that further enhanced the properties’ value proposition”.

On new project launches, “For 2019, we are targeting to launch a total GDV of RM1.2 billion focusing on mid-market and reasonably sized pocket launches in mature locations. We started the year with the launch of Aspira ParkHomes, 162 units of mid-market double-storey homes with GDV of RM101.8 million in Gerbang Nusajaya with further phase planned in the second half of this year. We are also looking at launching another Serimbun 2 in Iskandar Puteri in view of the positive interest of the initial Serimbun launched in February last year. And due to the continued interest on Serene Heights Bangi, additional phases are slated to be launched throughout 2019. A rather sizeable project to be launched this year is our new development in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. We
target to initially launch two residential towers before the end of the year”.

On asset divestment strategy, “Asset divestment remains one of the Company’s key strategies. In line with our land portfolio rebalancing strategy, land disposal totalling RM457.4 million was undertaken in Iskandar Puteri. More recently another pocket land also in Iskandar Puteri, has been slated for disposal for RM24.8 million, which we expect to complete in the second quarter of 2019. We plan to continue with our asset divestment plan in 2019 and has earmarked several nonstrategic assets for divestment amounting to RM300.0 million”.

He added, “In terms of new businesses, we unveiled Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur Mont’Kiara in December 2018 within the Arcoris development in Mont’Kiara. The 298-room residentially inspired extended stay hotel with restaurant and state-of-the-art facilities, is the first of its kind in South East Asia. In Puteri Harbour, as part of its rejuvenation plan, we are excited at the prospect of the development of the private marina, OneO 15 Puteri Harbour Marina and clubhouse together with our partner, ONE15 Marina Holdings Pte Ltd of Singapore. Construction is expected to commence towards the end of this year’s first quarter”.

The Company takes cognisance of the soft property market in the year ahead and will exercise prudence in facing the challenging environment. It remains pragmatic in its targets for 2019, despite exceeding sales target of RM1.2 billion and achieving RM1.43 billion in 2018. Its sales target for 2019 remains at RM1.2 billion whilst its GDV launches target is RM1.2 billion. Nonetheless, the Company is ready to activate further launches for 2019 depending on market conditions andopportunities. Its unbilled sales remain healthy at RM4.4 billion as at end of 2018.

Kuala Lumpur, 25 February 2019 – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or
“Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company,
announced its unaudited consolidated results for the year ended 31 December 2018
(“FY2018”) today which saw it posting a net profit of RM152.2 million, a surge of 22% on a
year-on-year (“Y-o-Y”) basis. This compares with a revenue growth of 3% over the same

Growth was attributed to a strong performance in Q4 FY2018 which registered a Profit Before
Tax (“PBT”) of RM82.9 million, a threefold increase when compared to Q3 FY2018 PBT of
RM25.1 million. This is on the back of a 23% increase in revenue to RM647.4 million in the
quarter, which saw two of the Company’s core divisions, the Healthcare and Infrastructure
Services divisions, contributing almost 90% of revenue and PBT for FY2018.
On a Y-o-Y basis, the PBT for Q4 FY2018 was also 10% higher than Q4 FY2017 with a slight
decline in revenue.

Amidst a challenging operating environment, UEM Edgenta was able to record a 3% increase
in revenue to RM2.2 billion for FY 2018 as compared to FY 2017’s revenue of RM2.1 billion.
The revenue growth was derived across all of UEM Edgenta’s major business divisions. PBT
increased to RM198.2 million for FY2018 which was mainly due to improvements realised
through group-wide efficiency and lower financing costs, resulting in a PBT margin increase
to 9% in FY2018 as compared to 8% in FY2017.

Notably, the Healthcare Support division delivered a strong 8% increase in revenue and 7%
increase in PBT on a Y-o-Y basis. Revenue grew on the back of new contracts secured in
FY2018 in Singapore and Taiwan, coupled with a high customer retention rate of almost 90%
in its commercial business. UEM Edgenta’s Healthcare Support division has also benefited
from the continuous sharing of best practices and technology transfer between its concession
and commercial businesses such as the introduction of UETrackTM, the commercial business’
proprietary technology for service delivery, in Malaysian Government hospitals. These
practices, coupled with a healthy pipeline of new projects, will enable organic growth for UEM
Edgenta in FY2019.

Over the course of FY2018, UEM Edgenta has implemented operational excellence initiatives
such as the “Lean” programme to build capabilities across the Company via process
improvements and training, as well as technology and innovation-centric programmes to
tackle high-impact operational areas, all of which have started to bear fruit. Moving forward,
UEM Edgenta will continue to optimise its profit margins via such initiatives.

Additionally, UEM Edgenta maintained its robust balance sheet with a net cash position of
RM70.1 million as at end-2018. This was attributable to strong cashflow from operations of
RM209.3 million in FY2018. UEM Edgenta was also able to maintain its gross gearing ratio at
a conservative 0.35 times.

“Despite the disposal of OIC in December FY2017, our results have surpassed last year’s
performance. UEM Edgenta’s full-year profit after tax and non-controlling interest of RM148.2
million was higher than last year’s profit of RM143.3 million when OIC’s share of profits was
included. This increased profitability and consistent cashflow generation has enabled us to
deliver yet another strong full year dividend payout of 14 sen our shareholders,” said Dato’
Azmir Merican, Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta.

Dato’ Azmir further commented, “We are happy to be able to deliver significant profit growth
after the disposal of OIC, a major subsidiary. We pared down debt, redeployed cash and
rewarded shareholders, and at the same time delivered better results and growth. We have
leveraged on new technologies to drive our growth in shaping an operationally excellent
environment not just for UEM Edgenta but for our clients’ businesses as well. We remain
optimistic of our prospects in Healthcare and Infrastructure and as the industry leader in these
sectors in the countries we operate, we will focus on protecting our market share, as well as
expand and deepen our value chain offerings.”

Dividend for FY2018
On the back of profits generated for the financial year, coupled with its strong financial position
as at end-2018, UEM Edgenta has declared a 2nd interim dividend for FY2018 of 8 sen.

Combined with the earlier 1st interim dividend of 6 sen declared in August 2018, total dividend
payout is 14 sen and is equivalent to a payout ratio of 78.5% on FY2018’s results, in line with
the Company’s enhanced dividend policy of at least 50% and up to 80% payout. The total
dividend payout in FY2018 also represents a yield of 5.1% based on share price as at 31
December 2018 of RM2.72.

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