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PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) welcomes three like-minded partners in a 4-way collaboration to ensure consistent, real-time information reaches its 2 million highway customers traversing to the north and south between 29 April till 9 May to celebrate Aidilfitri. The three collaborators comprise of Malaysia’s largest radio network, Astro Radio with over 16 million listeners, Celcom Axiata Berhad (Celcom) servicing over 14 million users and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) which leads the Nation’s call towards a robust domestic tourism eco-system.

Malaysia will be experiencing an unprecedented Aidilfitri celebration, which PLUS anticipates that more than 2 million vehicles will be plying its North-South Expressway in the spirit of “Balik Kampung”.  PLUS is also cognizant of the fact that after 2 years of the Movement Control Order (MCO), highway travelers will require updated information which will help them make informed decisions to plan their journey. This is where the role of the collaborators come in, to support the messages disseminated by PLUS by amplifying them over the airwaves and social media channels.

“The need to communicate continuously and widely is crucial to mentally prepare travelers and to manage expectations. They must expect a longer journey, where the travel time may double. Thus, in managing the traffic surge this festive season, we were approached by three like-minded partners with one single intention to collaborate, and that is to provide the latest traffic information and travel advisories to all PLUS highway customers via each partner’s extensive channels,” explains PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail.

“Astro Radio is one of the strategic mediums as every vehicle will tune in to their favorite radio station. Listeners can catch the latest traffic updates periodically on-air via ERA, SINAR, ZAYAN, Hitz FM, Mix FM and Lite FM, or through the SYOK app, as well as from social media pages of all 11 popular Astro Radio stations. Whether the vehicle is moving or stationary, you can be certain the message is heard by the passengers and driver, therefore it’s an ideal medium for PLUS messages to reach its audience,” affirms Datuk Azman. “In fact, the radio’s captive audience provides an opportunity to reinforce and remind the safety driving advisories as well as traffic mitigation tips.”

Celcom and PLUS have teamed up to unlock seamless mobility experiences and co-create sustainable value for Malaysian consumers via an MoU signed in November 2021 to develop total fleet management solutions, as well as the integration of both loyalty platforms and to explore 5G applications in supporting highway operations.  However, for Raya the two organisations are working hand-in-glove in their continued relationship to bring peace of mind and comfort to their joint customers on the road heading back for “Balik Kampung”, with a targeted communication campaign to reach the mobile customers along PLUS Highway with the latest updated traffic information. 

Additionally, Celcom has deployed mobile transmitter stations along the Tapah and Juru Toll Plazas and their respective R&Rs, to boost wider coverage for Celcom-PLUS customers in anticipation of the influx of people in these two major locations.

With over 2 million highway customers travelling the span of the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, the timely partnership from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) will certainly drive the domestic tourism industry as borders are open between Singapore and Malaysia and excited Keluarga Malaysia seeing the opportunity to revisit their places of interest of culinary delights as well as that desired escape after the hiatus of staying home is now lifted.

YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture herself will be sharing a video to advise Keluarga Malaysia to be safe and to plan their journey and her Ministry together with Celcom and Astro Radio will amplify PLUS messages across their social media universe with the single aim of making sure the information reaches all highway customers in a timely manner, helping them to reach their destination safely and happily.

“PLUS would like to thank Astro Radio, Celcom and MoTAC for supporting us in our efforts to take good care of highway customers throughout this festive season, we appreciate their sincerity and help in the true spirit of Kita Jaga Kita,” added Datuk Azman.

Apart from this collaboration, the latest PLUS traffic information is also channeled through electronic signages along the highway, via PLUSTrafik on Twitter, and the PLUS Application which enables customers to view the latest traffic situation on the highway through CCTV displays.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) welcomes the move to give toll waiver to Keluarga Malaysia plying the PLUS highway network on April 30, May 1, May 7 and May 8 in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration as announced on 25th April by YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato 'Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

PLUS anticipates that most highway customers will seize the opportunity to enjoy the toll waiver and plan their Balik Kampung and Balik Kota travels based on the designated toll waiver dates.

“Therefore, we advise the public to plan their journey carefully and to anticipate that their journey back to their hometowns may take longer especially during the 4 special days announced by the Prime Minister,” said PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail. 

To manage the surge in traffic, PLUS is committed to take the appropriate measures to help highway customers throughout their highway journey.

“PLUS, will take the necessary steps to manage the traffic onslaught and we have put in place various measures on the highway mainline, toll plazas and the rest areas,” explained Datuk Azman Ismail.

At the same time, PLUS takes this opportunity to explain how the free toll is implemented on its highway network:-

  • 1. At Closed Toll System highways (or inter-city highways), the Toll Waiver is given when the customer exits the highway through the toll plazas during the stipulated period.
  • 2. For traffic data recording purposes, Touch ‘n Go card users are still required to tap their Touch ‘n Go card at the reader at the toll lane. However, no toll fare will be charged or deducted from the Touch ‘n Go card.
  • 3. For RFID customers, they are to enter and exit the highway via the dedicated RFID lanes for traffic data recording purposes. Similar to the Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG customers, no toll fare will be charged or deducted from their eWallet.
  • 4. For Touch ‘n Go card users, they are advised to check the validity of their Touch ‘n Go card with Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd via prior to commencement of their journey. Dormant or expired cards if used at the toll plaza will be declined by the system and the user may not be able to pass through the toll plaza, which will result in traffic congestion. Kindly obtain replacement card from Touch ‘n Go and its authorised retailers.

“PLUS also advises those who are planning to travel during peak days, especially during the 4 designated days to follow the Travel Time Advisory (TTA) schedule that was recently issued. We encourage them to carefully plan their journey to reduce congestion and provide more comfort for their families when travelling home. This includes identifying pit stops for food or drinks, to rejuvenate and refresh yourself,” he explained.

Highway customers are also encouraged to download the PLUS App to view real-time CCTV footages along the highway and use Waze or GoogleMap to help plan their journey better for this festive season. Regular highway traffic updates will also be provided through the PLUSTrafik Twitter.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is issuing a 2022 Balik Kampung and Pulang Ke Bandar Travel Time Advisory (TTA) schedule in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season which caters for highway travel from April 29 till May 9, 2022.


The purpose of the TTA is to distribute traffic and circumvent convergence of traffic entering the highway at the same time on major highway stretches, toll plazas and rest areas, thus reducing congestion. The TTA is designed based on previous festive seasons and long weekends travelling patterns to guide and help highway customers to experience the best possible journey in this unprecedented festive travel period, where over 2 million vehicles are expected to traverse along the North-South Expressway (NSE).

“As this is the first time after 2 years of the Movement Control Order (MCO), that we Malaysians are allowed to travel back to our loved ones to celebrate Raya Aidilfitri, we anticipate about 2 million vehicles, which is a 25 percent increase compared to the current daily 1.6 million vehicles plying on our highway. Therefore, please expect congestion and possibly prolonged duration of your travel time. So, we strongly urge and advise highway customers to adhere the TTA schedule during Balik Kampung and Pulang ke Bandar Journey,” PLUS Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi stresses.

In addition to TTA schedule, highway customers are advised to use our PLUS App, Waze, or Google Map for better journey plan during the period.

BALIK KAMPUNG BERAYA - Journey from Klang Valley (from 29 April to 2 May 2022)

For Klang Valley highway customers heading towards further destinations such as Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak (North) and Johor, are advised to enter the highway before 10:00 am. Meanwhile, for those heading towards closer locations or to other states are advised to enter the highway after 1:00 pm.

“The TTA is designed to prevent traffic heading towards further destinations from ‘converging’ with those heading to nearer ones, adhering to it may make a positive difference in one’s journey experience, Insyallah,” Datuk Zakaria added.

PULANG KE BANDAR - Journey back to Klang Valley (from 5 May to 9 May 2022)

For the return journey to Klang Valley from Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak (North), Johor and other states, highway customers are advised to enter the highway before 9:00 am.

“Based on our studies, the return journey to Klang Valley, highway customers can expect a longer travel time on the highway if they choose not to adhere to the TTA schedule,” Datuk Zakaria further explained.

“Based on festive seasons traffic travelling patterns simulation, for highway customers from the North to Klang Valley, they may experience an extended travel time of up to 10 hours, or twice as long as the average travel time if they enter the highway after 9:00 am. Meanwhile, the travel time from the South to the Klang Valley could reach up to 7 hours or twice as long compared to usual average travel time if they enter the highway after 9:00 am,” he cautioned.

Regular Traffic updates are provided through the PLUSTrafik Twitter service, PLUS Apps, the toll free PLUSLine at 1800-88-0000, PUTRI Chatbot, on electronic message signs (VMS) along the highway mainline as well as traffic announcements via major radio stations.

PLUS also advises highway customers to obey traffic rules, drive prudently, ensure that the vehicles are in a good condition and safely reach their destination to celebrate Aidilfitri with their loved ones.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) aims to minimise congestion at all its 1,100 lanes across 94 Toll Plazas nationwide in anticipation of the 2 million highway customers who will making their “Raya Balik Kampung” sojourn between April 29 till May 9 after a two-year travel hiatus.


“Over 1,500 PLUS Customer Service Assistants (CSA) will be at hand to welcome everyone back to PLUS highway. They will be stationed at the toll plazas lanes to ensure a smooth and seamless drive through experience and assist in the eventuality of toll transaction complications. Over and above that, team members from PLUS Headquarters will also be deployed at all major toll plazas nationwide as additional ground support, as we expect this to be an unprecedented Raya exodus,” assures Datuk Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi, PLUS Chief Operating Officer.

“I would also wish to remind our highway customers to please expect longer travel times to their destinations as we foresee possible congestion resulting from the high volume of vehicles on the road. However, you can plan ahead with the journey planner in the PLUS App and also follow our soon to be issued Travel Time Advisory (TTA) as well as to use Waze and Google Map for a predictive travel route,” reminded Datuk Zakaria.

“Highway Customers have the convenience of choosing 3 toll payment modes in the form of Touch ‘n Go cards, SmartTAG and the latest RFID for the ease of cashless transactions at the lanes. However, it is important to use the same payment mode upon entry and exit of the highway. For example, if RFID is used upon entry at Jalan Duta Toll, the customer must then exit the highway also using RFID, similarly with Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG. Using the same mode of payment will greatly reduce the possibility of congestion at the toll lanes. Another key tip is to make sure one’s Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet or card has sufficient balance for travel,” Datuk Zakaria strongly suggests.

Today, there are over 11,000 available Touch ‘n Go reload centres provided across the country including at selected R&Rs, ATM machines, petrol stations, and convenience stores, and this includes 67 Self Service Kiosks (SSK) at selected toll plazas. There are also 22 Touch ‘n Go counters at selected petrol stations along PLUS highways to allow card top ups without additional charges. For further information regarding Touch ‘n Go top up facilities, highway customers can contact the Touch ‘n Go Careline at or visit

RFID is currently only available on west coast highways in Peninsula Malaysia. However, it is yet to be made available on the East Coast highways.


 PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) channelled a zakat distribution of RM2.3 million to Asnaf living along its 1,130 kilometre highway stretch including Lebuhraya Pantai Timur 2 (LPT2) in conjunction with this year’s Ramadan. The Zakat distribution was channelled to 1,997 Asnaf, 17 Maahad Tahfiz Centres as well as PLUS staff who were affected by the floods at the end of last year. 


Recently, PLUS Managing Director Datuk Azman Ismail presented a zakat of RM50,000 to 5 selected Maahad Tahfiz Centres in conjunction with the breaking-of-fast ceremony held at the PLUS Northern Region Office in Bertam, Penang. Madrasah Tahfizul Quran Penanti, Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran Wal-Qiraat, Pusat Tahfiz Bukit Gantang, Maahad Tahfiz An-Nahdhoh and Maahad Darul Furqan each received a zakat distribution of RM10,000 which is aimed at sustaining the operations of the centres affected by the long pandemic.

“It is our hope that this distribution will be blessed in this glorious month and to some extent provide support in ensuring the continuity of operations of these Maahad Tahfiz,” explained PLUS Managing Director Datuk Azman Ismail.

According to Datuk Azman, the Zakat distribution is in line with PLUS’ goal to improve the well-being and prosperity of the fence line communities along the PLUS & LPT2 Highways. It is also timely to ease the burden of the fence line communities during the endemic transition period and to welcome Aidilfitri. All recipients of the zakat distribution are communities who live within a 30km radius of the highway. 

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 7 April 2022:  Leading Malaysian property developer UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or “the Company”) has secured an anchor tenant, a first-of-its-kind Eatertainment offering, Paddle Battle by the team at Home of Hospitality, at its Aurora Melbourne Central retail precinct. 

Set to be the next major player in CBD entertainment, Paddle Battle will open in the lower ground floor of Melbourne CBD’s tallest building as a table tennis social club complemented by a luxury dining experience.

The 15-year lease for 1,680 square metres of premium retail space in the heart of the CBD was secured by leading specialised retail agency Retail Realm in conjunction with Azeta Real Estate.

It’s the first time the table tennis Eatertainment phenomenon has arrived on Australian shores, after success across Europe and the USA. With a sophisticated food, beverage, and entertainment offering, the experience is designed to suit social occasions as well as corporate events.  

The Aurora Melbourne Central retail precinct is part of the AU$800 million flagship mixed-use development - an 86-storey tower comprising 959 residential apartments, 252 serviced apartments operated by Scape Living@Aurora, 3,460 square metres of office space and 3,500 square metres of premium retail space. 

UEM Sunrise Director, Australia, Ong Chee Wei said they are proud the development would host a pioneering Eatertainment venue, which is expected to be a major drawcard to the precinct for other major retail brands.

“Aurora Melbourne Central offers residents, workers and visitors unparalleled convenience and connection to neighbouring amenity such as Melbourne Central Train Station, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Emporium and Bourke St Mall – this places Aurora Melbourne Central as a primely located retail hub, ready to enhance the vibrancy of the CBD,” Ms Ong said.

“UEM Sunrise has been searching for a unique offering to the Melbourne hospitality market, and we’re proud to host a new Eatertainment offering in Paddle Battle, which will become an exciting destination in the CBD for Melburnians and tourists alike.

“We are witnessing the city quickly reinvigorating after the end of COVID-19 restrictions, so it’s no surprise our retail precinct is also attracting significant interests.  We expect this to only increase now Paddle Battle is on board.”

Home of Hospitality Managing Director, Eleanor Barratt said, “We have been waiting to bring this project to life in Melbourne for many years now, the idea came about long before the pandemic hit. We spent countless hours researching and developing the concept and even travelled to America and England to check out the concepts over there. Finding the perfect space has been worth the wait, and we are really excited for Paddle Battle to be opening soon!”

Home of Hospitality’s Operations Manager, George Pezaros added, “When you combine entertainment and great food, the emergence of EATertainment world is created. Paddle Battle is at the forefront, leading the way for individuals, group bookings and corporates to merge business with pleasure.”

The Aurora Melbourne Central retail precinct is set to open in July 2022.





PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) wishes to remind highway customers going across the Johor Bahru Causeway that the toll waiver at border toll plazas at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (Johor Bahru Causeway) and Tanjung Kupang (Linkedua) which began on 1st April will end on 7th April. Normal operations via toll collection will resume from 8th April (Friday).

PLUS highway customers are advised to always ensure that their Touch ‘n Go e-wallet and card are active with sufficient balance to enjoy smoother and uninterrupted journey once toll collection resumes. Highway customers with VEP RFID tags are also able to use the RFID lane at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Tanjung Kupang. For further information on VEP RFID tags, please visit

For Singaporean drivers planning to top-up their Touch ‘n Go card in Johor, there are 8 Touch ‘n Go card reload points around Linkedua highway. Similarly, there are also multiple Touch ‘n Go card reload points around the vicinity of the Johor Bahru Causeway. Generally, petrol stations and 24-hour convenience stores also offer Touch ‘n Go card reload services. Top-ups are also available at Self Service Kiosks provided at selected toll plazas and rest areas.

The PLUS Mobile App is available to assist travel planning and provides immediate connection to the PLUSLine 1800 88 0000 for any emergencies. Rest assured there are more than 120 PLUSRonda personnel across the Johor highway stretch. They provide safety and emergency assistance to PLUS highway customers on-site when they need them the most. PLUSRonda are on call 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week and 365-days-a-year, ready to respond to aid highway customers every step of the way towards a smooth and safe journey to their destination.

During your travels, please do contact us via the 24-hour toll-free PLUSLine at 1800 88 0000 or the PLUS website, for any assistance and chat with our first-ever highway chatbot, PUTRI or any of our SocMed channels. PLUS values the continuous  engagement with our customers and is firmly committed to addressing any issues while maintaining our quality and standards of service.

Highway customers have our assurance that all our 29 R&Rs and 50 Lay-bys are fully sanitised and cleansed to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety is adhered to. In total, there are plenty of F&B outlets and convenience stores throughout the 1,130 PLUS-operated highways in Malaysia.

It is our wish to welcome you back safely and comfortably as you drive home to reconnect with your loved ones.

Dubai, 1 April – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Operon Middle East (“Operon”), has entered into a Memorandum of Business Exploration (“MoBE”) with Byte Blanket FZE (“Byte Blanket”) and Disrupt-X DMCC (“Disrupt-X”) to identify potential technological collaborations in supporting sustainable smart cities and introduce digital solutions in the international markets.

This collaboration is part of UEM Edgenta’s continued foray into the integrated facility management market in the Middle East as the Company focuses on its regional expansion strategy, and at the same time developing tech-enabled integrated solutions, aligned with its ‘Edgenta of the Future 2025’ (“EoTF 2025”) vision.

The MoBE will pave the way for future collaborations in exploring and identifying potential opportunities with a view to expand UEM Edgenta’s digital offerings through expertise in built environment, integrated capabilities and consultancy services to clients in large scale community, commercial services and smart cities.

Disrupt-X is the provider of an end-to-end scalable Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform solution, while Byte Blanket owns the Enter Bubble Technologies (“EBT”), a disruptive digital framework with the potential to revolutionise smart cities and industries through spontaneous micro social networking across the globe.

Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta said, “Through our regional partnerships, we will explore opportunities on bringing our collective visions to life. We are confident that our combined expertise will be the solutions of choice for the Middle East and other international markets. The future of cities will be shaped by connectivity, mobility, resilience and sustainability. Revolutionising smart city development requires future-proof technology solutions that enables sustainable urbanisation and supports the wellbeing of a community in a low-carbon ecosystem.”

UEM Edgenta is also looking to introduce the concept of ‘Hyper-Aware Buildings’ together with Byte Blanket and Disrupt-X as part of the smart cities’ technology, with IoT being the eyes and ears of hyper-aware facilities. With the combination of IoT and contextual data, buildings are made more adaptive to its environment as well as its occupants’ needs, which allows situational awareness for better efficiency, productivity, reliability, safety, and security.

Present during the signing ceremony earlier this week was Syahrunizam Samsudin, Asim Sajwani, President of Disrupt-X, Yaseen Al Jaizani, CEO of Disrupt-X, Vijay Antony Alen, Owner, KV Holdings Inc. and Founder, Chairman, Group CEO and Chief Product Officer at Smile Turtle Group, and Murugesan Prakasam, Executive Director & Global Head of Operations of Byte Blanket with YB Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Malaysia’s Minister of Housing and Local Government in presence.

The document exchange today was witnessed by YAB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Prime Minister of Malaysia alongside YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, Malaysia’s Senior Minister of International Trade & Industry, YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Adham Baba, Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, YB Dato’ Seri Mahdzir Khalid, Malaysia’s Minister of Rural Development and YB Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of Works of Malaysia.

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