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PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) recently staged its first virtual SAFETY DAY 2020 which was attended by over 2,000 online participants comprising of PLUS employees, highway concessionaires, the Malaysian Highway Authority and numerous agencies. Organised by PLUS’ in-house HSSE team for the 3rd time, this year’s Safety Day highlighted new safety challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic that is beyond medical.

This year’s theme #BerubahBersama saw the sharing and insights from Datuk Azman Ismail, PLUS Managing Director as well as Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Chairman of the Alliance of Safe Community and Associate Professor Dr Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin, Director UMCares and Consultant Psychiatrist USMC.

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said that 2020 changed the lives of billions when the unprecedented pandemic struck the world. As over 81 million were infected, the death toll rose above 1.7 million globally, everyone was forced into a movement control order (MCO) state. Everyone had to stay in the confines of their home and interaction and mobility was greatly restricted.

“Corporations and businesses were impacted as the MCO demanded for physical distancing and Work From Home (WFH) order had to be followed as the National Security Council (NSC) the Ministry of Health established the precedent to lessen and eliminate human contact and interaction,” stressed Tan Sri Lee. 

“WFH led to the demands of food deliveries to home. With lesser cars on the road and increased food orders, I observed that many rushed in delivering food and flouting traffic laws, like beating the red lights and many more manoeuvres that endangers lives,” he added. 

Weighing in on the point of the effects of MCO on road safety, Datuk Azman, Managing Director of PLUS said, although PLUS recorded a lower number of traffic plying the highway due to the implementation of the MCO and CMCO which resulted in lower number of accidents on the PLUS highway, accidents covering heavy vehicles (Class 2 & 3) had increased about 5% as compared to 2019. And according to Datuk Azman, the contributing factors including long and extended working hours as well as fatigue may affect their health and in turn, their driving abilities.


Datuk Suret Singh, Chairman of the Road Safety Research Institute (MIROS), opines that it requires a serious step up on scheduled and high risk operator audits to enforce compliance of the Industrial Code of Safety Practices (ICOP), which is an integral part of operator’s licence conditions.

Referring to Tan Sri Lee’s point on safety violations by food and service delivery personnel, Datuk Suret highlighted that sudden lane changes without proper safe lane change routines, as well as running red lights, must be part of the SOPs to be enforced. He added that MIROS has engaged the key industry players for a joint safety agenda and action plan, which covers rider education, behaviour monitoring and enforcement.

On the psychological repercussion on road safety due to mental health issues raised by Tan Sri Lee and Datuk Azman are concurred by Dr Amer Siddiq, who revealed that era of the covid-19 pandemic has also led to a “hidden” pandemic, which we today know as mental health. 

According to Dr Amer, much has been written on the role of road traffic accidents towards the development of mental health issues and illnesses. However, the role of mental health towards road traffic accidents has also been reported. In fact, researchers have discovered that poor mental health might lead to increase in accidents. Stress and poor sleep being the most common mental health issues can lead to problems on the road. For individuals, understanding their mental health situation can save their life and others. It is therefore imperative that society acknowledges and addresses this hidden pandemic for its impact is not only seen on a personal and organisational level, but also within the community. 

“Everyone has mental health, but some require deeper intervention and timely intervention is crucial as it impacts the safety on the roads and highways. We have seen some driving behaviours that are often evident on municipality roads have also transcended onto the highway. That is where HSSE comes in and today the H is not only physical health but mental as well,” concluded Datuk Azman.

This 3rd instalment of PLUS’s Safety Day and the 2nd in collaboration with Alliance for Safe Community is a visible commitment towards inspiring safety mindedness and instilling safe behaviours among the highway eco-system and the larger community of Malaysians.

Among the key highway industry leaders who attend this virtual event live under strict SOP conditions and adhering to physical distancing were PLUS Chairman, Dato’ Mohamad Nasir Ab Latif, Director of Operations Monitoring, Malaysian Highway Authority, Zahratul’Ula Mohd Ibrahim and Prof Wong Shaw Voon, Vice Chairman of the Alliance of Safe Community.

PLUS is the first highway company in the country to be certified with the ISO39001: 2012 standard for ’Road Traffic Safety Management System’ and the  first Asian highway concessionaire to receive the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its commitment and multipronged initiatives to improve safety on its highways in 2019. This year MIROS awarded PLUS the No.1 Ranking “Safest Closed Toll Highway”, which all bare testament to its efforts to continuously champion highway safety.

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 December 2020 – UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”), one of Malaysia’s leading property developers, has inked several definitive agreements today for the sale of 72 freehold industrial plots measuring approximately 169.8 acres in Phase 3 of Southern Industrial & Logistics Clusters (SiLC) with wholly-owned subsidiaries of industrial park specialist, AME Elite Consortium Berhad (AME) for a total consideration of RM434.3 million.

The agreements were signed with Pentagon Land Sdn Bhd and Greenhill SILC Sdn Bhd.

UEM Sunrise Chief Officer, Performance Delivery and Commercial, Anuar Kasim said that the sale would be the start of a strategic collaboration between UEM Sunrise, the landowner and master developer of Iskandar Puteri and AME, a known and proven specialist in the construction of customised large manufacturing plants and, design-and-build and development of industrial parks.

“We are confident that this collaboration with AME will be another catalyst for the Iskandar Puteri Development Masterplan, particularly in accelerating the growth and development of SiLC. This will have a positive impact on the rapidly growing township of Iskandar Puteri, enhancing its livable qualities for the surrounding communities.

“This deal will also create new business and employment opportunities in the region. Additionally, it helps promote a conducive economic environment to spur demand for UEM Sunrise’s southern property products,” he said.

The sale is expected to steadily contribute to UEM Sunrise group’s earnings over the next three to four years with proceeds to be channelled towards the Company’s strategic initiatives including new landbanking opportunities.

“After a challenging year brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous lockdowns and the closing of international borders, we are very pleased to be able to close 2020 with this strong partnership which will not only be mutually beneficial to both parties, but one which will also elevate Iskandar Puteri to greater heights,” Anuar added.

Among the catalytic developments under the Iskandar Puteri Development Masterplan is the development of integrated industrial parks, of which SiLC forms an essential component.

With Phases 1 and 2 of SiLC sold out, the collaboration with AME will enable the roll out of Phase 3 more rapidly as UEM Sunrise will be dealing with an industrial park specialist, rather than several plot buyers. AME has given its commitment via the definitive agreements to acquire the entire balance of industrial plots in SiLC Phase 3.

Kuala Lumpur, 24 December – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company, in its continuous support to the Malaysian Government towards national recovery efforts, had recently engaged with MERCY Malaysia to provide biomedical equipment and operational supplies to Kudat Hospital under the Sabah MATCH Hub COVID-19 Emergency Relief Project.

Focusing on the Company’s areas of expertise in biomedical equipment and healthcare technology, UEM Edgenta will be donating hospital equipment and essentials in the form of vital sign monitors, syringe pumps, stethoscopes and disinfection wipes to Kudat Hospital to support the front liners’ medical operations and logistics to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Sabah. UEM Edgenta anticipates the equipment to be ready for deployment this month.

The contributions were presented by Dr. Nik Fawaz Nik Abdul Aziz, Head, Healthcare Support (Concession), UEM Edgenta / Managing Director, Edgenta Mediserve Sdn. Bhd., who represented the Company to Yang Mulia Raja Datin Riza Shazmin Raja Badrul Shah, Vice-President II of MERCY Malaysia at a handover ceremony at MERCY Malaysia’s headquarters earlier today.

“We are delighted to extend our assistance by providing medical supplies as well as essentials to the hospital. We hope our contribution will alleviate the operational burdens of the healthcare workers and front liners as they relentlessly protect and save lives every day. Here at UEM Edgenta, we will continue to support hospitals and front liners throughout this difficult period,” said Dr. Nik Fawaz, at the event.

He continued to add that under the Sabah MATCH Hub COVID-19 Emergency Relief Project, in addition to the biomedical equipment, the Company is also contributing to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society for the deployment of medical professionals and logistics support of medical deliveries.

Kuala Lumpur, 24 December – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”) through its subsidiary in the Infrastructure Services division, Edgenta PROPEL Berhad, handed over corporate zakat for the financial year 2019 to Pusat Pungutan Zakat Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (“PPZ-MAIWP”) earlier today at Wisma PPZ-MAIWP, Kuala Lumpur.

The Company was represented by Shariman Yusuf Mohamed Zain, Head, Infrastructure Services and Managing Director, Edgenta PROPEL Berhad (right) who handed over the zakat contribution to Tuan Haji Ahmad Shukri Yusoff, Chief Executive Officer of PPZ-MAIWP (left), witnessed by YB Senator Datuk Dr. Haji Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri, Minister at Prime Minister’s Office (Religious Affairs).


221 patrolling teams from PLUS and E22 will be on hand to assist holiday goers

Petaling Jaya, 22nd December 2020 – Holiday goers planning to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in Desaru will be happy to note that highway service providers, PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) and Senai-Desaru Highway (E22) are ready to take good care of them every step of the way.

“The presence of 221 highway patrolling teams and 548 officers comprising of the PLUSRonda on the North-South Expressway and the E22 Safety Team for E22 who patrol the highways round the clock will be crucial this festive period as vacationers make their way to the popular vacation spot and they are ready to assist travellers at any time,” said PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail.

The NSE and the E22 offer highway customers a smoother and faster travel to Desaru via the Senai Utara Interchange. On E22, a 45-minute drive along a 70-kilometre highway stretch will take customers to the Bandar Penawar Interchange. A short 10-kilometre drive on Federal Road FT92 will then be required before they reach their destination. All in all, highway customers will be able to reach Desaru within an hour upon their exit from the PLUS highway via Senai Utara Interchange.

Meanwhile, Senai-Desaru Expressway Berhad (SDEB) Chief Executive Officer, Jamal Abd Nasir Taharim said, “Rest areas provided on both highways allow customers to travel comfortably and provide the perfect pit stop for long distance travellers to break their journey. PLUS’ R&Rs such as Seremban, Ayer Keroh, Pagoh and Machap, coupled with E22’s Layang (Eastbound and Westbound) R&Rs provide F&B outlets, suraus, rest shelters (wakaf), petrol service stations, public restrooms and ample parking bays.”

Furthermore, customers making their trip on the E22 will be able to cross Sungai Johor on the 1.7-kilometre Sungai Johor Bridge, a mega structure which offers a mesmerizing and breathtaking view and experience.

PLUS and E22 also remind those planning to embark on their year-end holiday trips to always adhere to traffic laws and regulations. “Keep to the speed limit, drive carefully and avoid tailgating. Stop and rest every 2 hours of driving at the rest areas. Make sure your Touch ‘n Go cards and eWallet balance is sufficient to ensure smoother passage at the toll plazas,” Datuk Azman said.


KM50.15 to KM46.50 right lane between Simpang Renggam & Sedenak closed 

Petaling Jaya, 20 December 2020:- PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) places high priority on safety and continuously seeks to improve safety on all its highways. Among the safety initiatives identified is the installation of concrete median barriers to replace the current median steel guardrails to prevent cross bound incidents by heavy vehicles.

To enable this upgrading work to be carried out smoothly, the right lane at the designated stretch will be temporarily closed and supported by a traffic diversion exercise.

As such, to facilitate the construction of the median concrete barriers targeted to be completed next year, the right lane between Simpang Renggam and Sedenak at KM50.15 to KM46.50 will be closed to all vehicles for 4 months from 11:00 am on 21st December 2020 (Monday) to 4th April 2021 (Sunday). 

Throughout this period, traffic on the affected stretched will be redirected to the left lanes and emergency lanes.

All highway customers heading south are strongly advised to plan their journey using the PLUS App and check the traffic conditions via CCTV feeds, while adhering to traffic signages and instructions by PLUS personnel when passing through the said stretch.

PLUS fully appreciates the co-operation of all highway customers throughout this 4-month upgrading period. In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, the support from highway customers in ensuring that the traffic flow is as smooth as possible, will contribute to a positive journey for all, as we usher in the New Year with happier and higher spirits.


Petaling Jaya, 18th December 2020:- Highway customers planning to take a road trip to celebrate Christmas and New Year or “balik kampung” are advised to plan their journeys ahead. PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is issuing its’ Travel Time Advisory (TTA) for customers travelling on the North-South Expressway (NSE) between 22nd December 2020 until 19th January 2021.

The TTA focuses on traffic distribution and is aimed at reducing traffic congestion on the highway, most notably at major stretches, toll plazas and rest areas this festive period. 

PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, “Based on the TTA, highway customers from the Klang Valley heading towards further destinations such as Perlis, Kedah, Penang, North Perak and Johor are advised to enter the highway before 9am. Those heading to destinations closer to the Klang Valley or other states are advised to enter the highway after 12pm.”

“While those from Perlis, Kedah, Penang, North Perak, Johor and other states travelling to the Klang Valley during the same period are recommended to enter the highway before 9am,” added Datuk Azman. 

“We strongly encourage the public to closely follow the TTA schedule as they stand a better chance of experiencing a smoother journey as well as to avoid congestion,” he concluded.

"PLUS, also expects an increase up to 30 percent of traffic or 1.7 million vehicles on every peak day as compared to 1.3 million vehicles on normal days to utilize all PLUS-operated highways in conjunction with the Christmas and New Year festive season," explained Datuk Azman.

“It is indeed a blessing to be able to travel home to celebrate Christmas and New Year with your loved ones, but we are still under the Covid-19 pandemic situation. As such, we advised all our customers to adhere with all health and safety procedures throughout their journey by wearing face masks, register via MySejahtera Apps, maintaining physical distancing and practising good personal hygiene. For every festive season, PLUS has also initiated various strategies to cope with the traffic increase to strengthen highway operations to ensure our customers’ safety, comfort and convenience journey during the holidays including at the Rest & Service Areas (R&Rs),” reminded Datuk Azman. 

Therefore, drivers are advised to practise safe driving, considering the recent spell of rainy weather throughout the country. Please also ensure your vehicles are ready and in good condition before starting your journey, always wear front and rear safety belts, do not stop on the emergency lane unnecessarily and obey the speed limit on the highway.

In addition, to help make their travel more convenient, PLUS strongly recommends customers to ensure their Touch ‘n Go cards and e-Wallets have sufficient balance at all times. There are over 13,000 locations nationwide to help highway customers reload their cards early.

Highway customers are also encouraged to utilize the Pre-Order service via PLUS Apps for take away meals available at its R&Rs for more comfortable experience and convenience to highway customers stopping by at the R&Rs.

PLUS also advises highway customers to get the latest traffic updates on the highways from the PLUS app, PLUSTrafik Twitter, PUTRI chatbot (a real-time customer texting interface), highway electronic message boards and the toll-free PLUSLine 1800 88 0000. They are also advised to use mobile navigation apps such as Waze and Google Map to plan their journey during this festive season.

UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”) has unveiled its new and improved corporate website with more customer-centric features for an effortless experience in finding out more about the Company and its numerous exciting products.

Retaining the link, the enhanced site now provides a loan calculator, on-site search features, virtual 360° show unit tours and product comparison tools for a seamless journey from browsing for any of UEM Sunrise’s many properties, to booking one, and following up with the Company’s friendly customer care consultants on their purchase.

Making customers a priority for the Company, other exciting and interactive tools will include unit selection and payment features as well as a chatbot which will be rolled out in stages.

“At UEM Sunrise, we pride ourselves by putting our customers first and are constantly looking for ways in bringing happiness and cheer in every touchpoint that they would have with us in their homebuying journey,” said UEM Sunrise Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Wong.

“In this day and age where most of our customers’ first experience with us would be through our digital promotions, keeping our website up-to-date and refreshed with almost human-like responses to their needs online are imperative as we move away from being a traditional brick and mortar property developer,” he added.

Crucially, customers can now search, compare and book properties in one place with a few clicks of the mouse.

To kick off the rejuvenated website with a bang, UEM Sunrise will be running a series of contests to excite and reward their loyal customers with attractive prizes including iPhone 12s and e-wallet cash vouchers. The public can get a chance to win any of these fabulous prizes at UEM Sunrise’s social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. Simply search UEM Sunrise on social media, answer some simple questions about the improved website and they can be on their way to win a brand-new iPhone 12.

Wong added that with the ‘Find Your Happy’ tagline being an integral part of the UEM Sunrise branding and DNA, refurbishments to the look and feel of the new website is timely to reflect the positive and cheerful personality of the Company.

“After undergoing the recent rebranding in the Company, it is only apt that we make the website truly an extension and symbol of who we are, and what we stand for – which is about helping our customers and stakeholders find their happiness through our products and interactions with them,” he said.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is recommending all customers to plan their journeys ahead this weekend and ensure their Touch ‘n Go cards & e-Wallets are sufficiently reloaded to minimize disruptions and need for physical interactions. This advisory comes in anticipation of increased highway traffic in conjunction with the Sultan of Selangor’s birthday (Friday, 11th December 2020) also marking the first major travel window for Selangor residents since the lifting of inter-state travel restrictions announced by the Government last Saturday.

PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail, assures that preparations are underway to welcome more highway customers this coming weekend. “PLUS is taking all necessary precautions to ensure our customers’ safety, comfort & convenience including at the Rest & Service Areas (R&R). I would like to appeal to all our customers to support PLUS’ efforts in ensuring compliance with all health & safety procedures throughout their journey by wearing face masks, maintaining physical distancing & practicing good personal hygiene. In order to promote safe physical distancing, we also recommend our customers to pre-order food & drinks using the PLUS mobile app.” Drivers are encouraged to use caution and to practice safe driving at all times, in light of the recent spell of rainy weather throughout the country. Azman also wishes all highway customers to stay safe and stay healthy.

PLUS advises for highway customers to plan ahead and ensure there is sufficient balance in both their TNG cards & e-Wallets. There are over 13,000 locations nationwide to help highway customers reload their cards early. For those travelling northwards, PLUS recommends that they set the auto-reload on their e-Wallets to facilitate a new, contactless experience via RFID currently available as part of public pilot at the Sungai Dua – Hutan Kampung stretch of PLUS as well as all Open System toll plazas nationwide. For more information on RFID availability at PLUS Open System toll plazas, please visit

PLUS encourages all customers to download the PLUS mobile app to facilitate their journey planning, with features such as live highway CCTV feeds and an SOS button to request for assistance in the event of emergencies as well as PUTRI, a real-time customer texting interface to assist with any enquiries & feedback. Alternatively, customers could also call the PLUSLINE via the toll-free number 1-800-88-0000 or send an e-mail with their enquiry or feedback to

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 December – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or “Company”) has partnered with Zoo Negara Malaysia (“Zoo Negara”) by adopting two giraffes under the zoo’s ‘Adopt an Animal’ programme. This corporate responsibility effort will see the Company contribute to the giraffes’ annual welfare, including the provision of food supply and veterinary care. UEM Edgenta’s commitment to this cause is in line with its aspiration to support key stakeholders such as Zoo Negara impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, through positive and impactful philanthropic activities.

“We are proud to play our part as a responsible corporate citizen in supporting Zoo Negara by adopting the adorable pair of giraffes, ‘Mas Boy’ and ‘Mas Kira’. This initiative extends our commitment towards sustainable efforts, as well as promote good environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices together with strategic partners such as Zoo Negara. On behalf of the Company and public at large, I wish to commend the team at Zoo Negara for the excellent efforts throughout this challenging year and we hope more organisations and individuals will step in to assist the zoo to provide the best welfare for the animals,” said Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta at a ceremony held earlier today.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (“IUCN”), the global authority in providing knowledge on global extinction risk status of animal, fungus and plant species, the giraffe population in the wild has reduced by 40% in the last three decades, with less than 100,000 remaining today. UEM Edgenta has adopted Nubian giraffes or its scientific name Giraffa Camelopardalis which are categorised as one of the nine critically endangered subspecies in the world.

“We thank UEM Edgenta for their sincere and strong support towards the giraffes’ well-being, as well as to help Zoo Negara through this impactful programme. We welcome more contributions from corporations and the public as we navigate through the pandemic period, and contributions will go directly towards providing the perfect care for our animals at the zoo,” said Rosly@Rahmat Ahmat Lana, Deputy President of Malaysian Zoological Society, the NGO responsible in managing Zoo Negara daily operations.

PLUS Malaysia Bhd (PLUS) welcomes back highway customers as the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) by the Government was lifted at selected states on 7th December 2020, making interstate travel between Green zones permissible.

Highway customers planning to take a road trip over the weekends or simply to “balik kampung” are advised to stop every two (2) hours in order to avoid fatigue, which could result in microsleep, a major cause of road incidents. 

PLUS’s Rest & Service Areas (R&Rs) cater for a country on the move with clean and safe venues for customers to refresh and rejuvenate, especially during this rainy season. The R&Rs provide a hygienic and comfortable stopover for customers to enjoy a hot meal or use the public facilities i.e. Suraus and washrooms.

There is a wide array of choices for those traveling to the north as there are 12 R&Rs or 21 lay-bys namely Sungai Buloh Overhead Restaurant, Rawang, Tapah, Sungai Perak, Gunung Semanggol and Gurun R&Rs or Simpang Pulai or Bukit Gantang Lay-bys while those heading down south can safely take a break at over 12 R&R’s or 24 lay-bys, namely Dengkil, Seremban, Air Keroh, Ayer Keroh Overhead Bridge Restaurant, Pagoh, Machap and Gelang Patah R&Rs or Serdang or Nilai lay-bys.

“We are anticipating an increase in highway traffic during the upcoming long weekends, starting with the Sultan of Selangor’s birthday this Friday, followed by Christmas and New Year’s. Comparing with the CMCO period, our daily traffic was around one million vehicles and we may experience an increase of approximately 40% to 50% and we hope that this will also translate to customers stopping at our R&Rs to support the local business partners and buy local products,” said Christine Liew, Chief Commercial Officer of PLUS.

“To keep everyone safe, we appeal to all to adhere to the safety SOPs of wearing a face mask, registering on the MySejahtera app, checking temperatures at the designated points and keeping a safe distance of one-meter apart when lining up for food or using our facilities,” encouraged Christine.

Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance to PLUS. Prior to the pandemic all R&R’s and lay-bys are routinely cleaned according to schedule. We have increased frequency and further stepped up all cleaning activities, including disinfection and sanitisation where necessary when news of the pandemic was announced.  

 “We are also pleased to invite all highway customers to stop by at any of our R&Rs during their journey and let our 600 business partners serve you with their variety of mouth-watering dishes. In addition, to celebrate 12th December and Christmas, we are also offering special promotions at selected R&Rs throughout the month of December until early January 2021. Find out more about these promotions and offers from PLUS Malaysia Facebook and Instagram pages,” explained Christine.  “There is also a pre-order function in the PLUS app, which enables food ordering from selected R&R’s, which is convenient for those on the go,” added Christine.

Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2020 – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company continues its excellence in health, safety, security and environment (“HSSE”) management by receiving an international recognition, the 2020 Australasian Fleet Management Association (“AfMA”) Fleet Safety Award, at a virtual ceremony today.

The 2020 AfMA Fleet Award is an annual premier event celebrating fleet excellence across the industry. This year, it has recognised UEM Edgenta’s proactive approach to fleet safety and its demonstration of a strong safety management culture in mitigating risks and elevating safety parameters for its people and fleet operations.

The Company’s approach and utilisation of technology applications have resulted in drastic reduction in fuel consumption, accidents and speed violations by 98% within a span of seven months since its initiation.

Through the GPS system and enforcement of its safety policies, the Company’s fleet management is able to analyse trends and feed data in real-time to UEM Edgenta’s Command & Contact Centre (“CnC”) in Kuala Lumpur, functioning as the central node of information for the Company. This allows for effective monitoring of the vehicle’s safety condition and assessment of the driver’s compliance to speed on the road.

In addition, as one of the concessionaires managing Healthcare Support Services (“HSS”) at 34 Ministry of Health’s (“MoH”) hospitals in Malaysia under its care, UEM Edgenta also implemented the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (“TPMS”) for the entire hospitals’ ambulance fleet to monitor tyre pressure and temperature to maximise safety on the road and better manage maintenance costs.

Upon the detection of any anomalies, the system will notify users for an immediate tyre inspection. The system helps to ensure the recommended tyre pressure is used based on the vehicle load and speed index. The vehicles’ stability is also achieved with the correct tyre pressure and balancing, with optimum tyre pressure consistently applied to the vehicles.

“Our strong advocacy towards HSSE over the years and consistent engagement with our stakeholders has reduced the issues and risks associated with vehicles and fleet operations. I commend the team’s tireless efforts resulting in this prestigious recognition. With a dedication to the Edgenta ethos, the team always puts safety as the utmost priority. Without the support of our dedicated team and employees, we would not be able to achieve this wonderful award,” said Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta.

“As stewards of human health and well-being, and with an aspiration to be a global leader in the asset and facilities management space, we are committed to continue to invest in environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) efforts aligned to our mission, while also driving long term growth and profitability,” added Syahrunizam.

UEM Edgenta Berhad MD/CEO Syahrunizam Samsudin was featured on Astro AWANI yesterday, 7 December 2020 hosted by Ibrahim Sani, Business Editor in his Notepad segment.

During the 30-minute programme, Syahrunizam spoke about the Company's strategy to leverage on technology and innovation in growing their business, transformation plans as well as the economic outlook for the business and industry.

The interview is also available on Astro AWANI's website.

PLUS  Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) supports the Government's decision to allow for interstate travel between green zones, as the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is lifted today.

As Malaysians plan for their highway journey, PLUS remains committed to provide customers a safe and comfortable travel experience.

"Many have downloaded the PLUS app which easily allows one to plan their journey and know the toll rate at their destination. It also provides a pre-order function to pick up one's favourite dish at selected R&Rs along the journey. Most importantly in case of any emergencies, our PLUSRonda patrol unit can be summoned for assistance with a push of a button within the app or you may call our 1800 88 0000 PLUSLine for help. Alternatively, PLUS Unique Texting Realtime Interface or  PUTRI, the first Artificial Intelligence Highway ChatBot, is at hand to answer all highway enquiries," reaffirms Datuk Azman Ismail, Managing Director of PLUS.

The journey along PLUS 1,130km highway is served by 17 sections under 4 regions with a total of 572 PLUSRonda and highway safety crew on site to ensure the journey is safe and comfortable. 

With 29 Rest and Service Areas (R&R) and Overhead Bridge Restaurants (OBR) and 50 lay-bys, highway customers have the choice to take a journey break, refresh, rejuvenate and continue their journey after enjoying the F&B offerings by over 600 PLUS business partners.

While leniency is allowed with the uplifting of CMCO, the Covid-19 Coronavirus is very much prevalent in our midst. Hence, PLUS advises all customers to top up prior to entering the highway at over 11,000 Touch ‘n Go reload facilities at petrol stations, malls and convenience stores and bank ATMs to ensure there is sufficient balance to reach their destination safely. This simple pre-emptive act of contactless and cashless transaction will help in flattening the curve as transmission of the Coronavirus can be avoided. 

“In addition, PLUS encourages highway customers to travel responsibly during this pandemic situation. They can check out their destination status from Covid-19 perspective before they start their journey. The information can be obtained from the National Security Council (NSC) or MySejahtera Apps,” reminded Datuk Azman. 

PLUS and its’ on ground highway frontliners will take care of you and your loved ones every step of the way and our only ask is that the NSC and KKM SOPs of wearing facemask, physical distancing, using hand sanitizers and temperature taking as well as registering in MySejahtera for contact tracing when stopping at R&Rs, OBRs, Laybys be adhered to strictly.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) wishes to inform that the Sedenak Toll Plaza which was temporarily closed from 12:00 noon today will only be re-opened to all vehicles beginning 12:00 midnight tonight, 2nd December (Wednesday) upon completion of a full disinfection, sanitization and cleaning process by a relevant agency after a staff at the toll plaza was tested positive for Covid-19 on 1st December 2020.

All processes can only commence from 9:00 pm onwards tonight (2 December). 

As such, the public from Sedenak and surrounding areas heading towards Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru are advised to enter the PLUS highway via Simpang Renggam or Kulai Toll Plaza throughout the closure period.

Thus, the public from Kuala Lumpur heading south towards Sedenak are advised to exit via Simpang Renggam Toll Plaza, meanwhile those heading north from Johor Bahru heading towards Sedenak are advised to exit via Kulai Toll Plaza.

PLUS will continue to update developments with regards to this matter.

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