Education is a fundamental building block for individual opportunity and economic growth. Through our scholarship programmes, we have and will continue to play our part in realising the country's aspiration of producing world-class human capital that will chart the future of Malaysia.

Our commitment in providing access to quality education is relentless and is translated into actions through our scholarship programmes as well as various other education-based initiatives.


The country's future lies in the hands of our young generation. We take pride in identifying, nurturing and realising the education dreams of high potential Malaysian students who come from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country - from the small town of Baling in Kedah all the way to Kudat, the northern tip of Borneo.

Learn more about Yayasan UEM Scholarship Programmes and how to apply for it.

Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM)

A campus packed with facilities and services away from the city's hustle and bustle that will help you build a solid foundation in preparing for the undergraduate life. Established in 1998, Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) is a premier residential college specialising in providing top quality Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A-Levels education.

The success of our students is testament of the quality of education that we provide at KYUEM. Over the years, they have won international accolades including being named 'Top in the World' in several subjects and they are now alumni of prestigious universities around the globe.

KYUEM 2020 cohort saw 2 of its students received offers from Harvard University while several others received offers from other Ivy League universities in the US namely, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley and University of California Los Angeles.

Prestigious universities in the UK continue to offer KYUEM students with placement. In 2020, 4 were offered a place in Cambridge, another 4 in Oxford, 30 in London School of Economics and 31 in Imperial College London.

96% of grades gained by the 2020 cohort were A* to B and 82% were A* or A. 32% of students gained at least 4 ‘A’ grades at A-Level and 67% of the students gained at least 3 ‘A’ grades at A-Level.

Back-to-School Programme

A few years ago, we came across the story of two siblings in Dungun, Terengganu. One of them attended the morning school session while another one went for the afternoon session. The younger sibling would often arrive late to school as he had to wait for his brother to come home as they share the same shoe and uniform.

We have not turned our back since listening to this story and that was how our annual Back-to-School programme came about in 2013. This initiative, which provides uniforms, shoes, stationeries and books to underprivileged students whether in the city, semi-urban and rural areas, has to date brought smiles to the faces of over 57,300 recipients around the country. 

UEM Study Grant

Good deeds begin at home. Through UEM Study Grant, we provide financial assistance for children of eligible employees across UEM Group of Companies, allowing them to pursue tertiary education in any full-time course at a public or private college or university or even at a vocational or technical institute.

Collaboration with PINTAR Foundation

Under-performing schools should be given more attention, even more so considering that over two thirds of students in these schools across Malaysia come from challenging socio-economic background.

This reality forms the basis of our partnership with PINTAR Foundation. Several intervention initiatives have been implemented at several Yayasan UEM adopted underperforming PINTAR schools which include tuition classes, English literacy programme for teachers, environment awareness and smart learning.

These initiatives will help develop the entire ecosystem holistically, which will create a positive impact on the students' learning experience.

Digital Education

It is estimated that 65% of children entering primary schools today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that do not yet exist. Against this backdrop, exposing our students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related programme and robotics real-world application is key to meeting the challenges of our times.

Several digital education initiatives have been carried out at selected schools to help the students prepare for this fast-changing landscape. We are also a supporter of the national-scale initiative such as the My Digital Maker Fair. 

No Students Left Behind,
Free Tuition Programme

While tuition is a choice to complement formal education provided in schools, it is often seen as a luxury to underprivileged families and students living in rural areas. As part of our efforts to help narrow the education gap between urban and rural students, we form partnerships with several parties in providing tuition to underprivileged students in key subjects such as Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu, Science and English. To date, over 3,000 students from 10 different states in Malaysia benefited from Yayasan UEM’s tuition programme.

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