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Connect / Engage / Empower

Two brothers sharing the same uniform, one making the other late for school; university students struggling to afford a decent meal; a small bowl of plain porridge to feed a family of five; a student’s lifelong dream of becoming an engineer; a grandmother’s mounting task of cleaning her home following a disastrous flood; and a child suffering from bone marrow cancer requiring medical treatment – these are some of the stories we at Yayasan UEM often hear and read. It moved us and inspired us.

The articles we read and stories we hear from the ground encourage us to invest both time and resources as well as shape our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, led by Yayasan UEM, the philanthropic arm of UEM Group.

We believe philanthropy can be life changing not just for the recipients but also the donors, and it can be achieved if we Connect, Engage and Empower both individuals and communities.

Yayasan UEM's two focus areas are Education and Community Assistance, and to maximize our reach as well as achieve our objectives, we partner with Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).


Education distances us from ignorance and dogma - it is a fundamental building block for individual opportunity and economic growth. It is our belief that the long-term success and sustainability of our economy and society rest upon a strong educational system and concerted efforts in developing the future generation.

Community Assistance

In the areas we operate, we are always ready to be a good neighbour and lend a helping hand to the community. For us, it is about improving lives, meeting their needs, opening doors and building meaningful long-term relationship with them, one community at a time.

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